Thursday, 11 August 2016

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Monday, 13 June 2016

The A to Z of Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

There are several options of teething remedy, from tablet, gel, toys and any other alternatives you can find easily on the web. Are they good for your baby? Well, the most important thing in choosing teething pain reliever for your little one is about safety. Instead of giving products with dangerous chemical content, choosing something unique and safe will be much better for sure. Teething necklaces are the answer.

While teething gels content dangerous substances which Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says can cause a rare condition in the form of reduction of oxygen carried through the bloodstream to dangerous levels),
amber teething necklaces reduce the pain on the gums effectively and the baby just need to wear it, not chew or bite. The use of teething gels may lead to some symptoms such as confusion, headache, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate and so on.

When being worn against skin,
teething necklaces made of genuine Baltic amber beads will release special property called succinic acid and will be absorbed into bloodstream by baby’s skin. It will alleviate the pain on the gums, provide calming effects, remove toxins and neutralize negative energy (the last two benefits are also for adults).

amber teething necklaces in the long run, therefore, will be a great idea to provide good protection for body against any illnesses and boosts immune system naturally. The standard size of amber necklace for baby is 33cm and for bracelet is 15cm. It won’t be too loose or too tight, comfortable to wear and the shape of beads is designed and carefully chosen in such a way to enable maximum contact with baby’s skin for the best result.

Every amber baby necklace comes with screw clasp and each bead is double-knotted. Suppose if the necklace is broken accidentally, only one bead will fall (instead of all) to avoid choking hazard and the baby won’t be able to detach the necklace easily.

Where to Find Genuine Baltic Amber
Teething Necklaces?

Amber baby necklaces are just one click away. But for some people, the most difficult part of shopping for these products is to find the products made of genuine Baltic amber. Amber taken from Baltic region has been claimed to be the best type of amber compared to others due to the fact that it contains plenty succinic acid, means offering the best health benefits. The color of beads are beautiful and varied too, you can choose from transparent yellow to black.
Finding the seller close to where you live is a good idea. Amber necklace teething UK online seller is all you need if you live in the United Kingdom. Since amber has been very popular in Europe since very long time ago, then it’s not difficult to get the products. Genuine Baltic amber teething necklaces will come with certificate of authenticity, so make sure the seller where you want to buy the products from will provide this.

Which necklace is the best? Depend on your personal preference, you can choose particular color you think will look good for your baby, choose the bead’s shape you think will be comfortable to wear and choose bead’s surface you love the most: glossy (smooth and shiny), raw (rough and natural) or matte (smooth and natural). Happy shopping!